Haikou, September 8 (Xinhua) - Stefano Feder de Florencia in Italy was busy inviting Italian companies to participate in the third exhibition of China international consumption products next year.

"We need to Prepare a year in advance to interact with Italian companies and invite them to join the exhibition," said Stefano, now working in Italy as coordinator for coordinator Prepare For the Italian pavilion. He will return to Hainan at the end of September.

The second expo of China International Consumer Products, held from July 25 to 30 of this year in Haikou, capital of southern China's's's's the province of Hainan, It attracted more than 1,600 international brands, including more than 70 brands in Italy that cover food, wine, jewelry, clothing and yachts.

"We are working on a good project with the Chamber of Commerce of China-Toalia and other institutions in Italy to promote this event for next year," he said. More than 20 years, Stefano established his fashion consulting company in Haikou in 2018, the year in which Hainan became a pilot free trade zone and began exploring the construction of free trade ports.

Stefano's deep link with Hainan dates back many years. In 2006, he took Hainan's family during a vacation while on a business trip in China.

"We enjoy that time, so we began to return every two years," he said, and pointed out that his family had good memories of Hainan.

The favorable business environment caused by reform and opening has increased the attractiveness of Hainan with skills and investment. More international talents have come to Hainan to invest or start their business.

" foreign companies to approach the Chinese market.

He established his company in the Industrial Internet Park Fullsing, also known as Fullsing. Town, a key industrial park in Hainan, also home to an International Base of Innovation and Entrepreneurship on the high seas. Stefano thought he provided a good location and a friendly business environment.

He traveled a lot for work in China, especially Shanghai, to meet the Italian brands based there. /P>

said that Hainan's free trade will be completed in 2025. The stage will change and a new era will begin so that Hainan has an important role in southeastern Asia and as a free trade port with respect to logistics, the purchase of tourists and international tourism.

"As Come directly to China, "he said.

plans to live between Hainan and Italy in the future. "I have many things to promote in Hainan in the next ten years. So it's exciting," he said. ENTEM

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