Sanya, August 16 (Xinhua) -a 6 a.m., Zhang Haiyang, 22, led a truck to a delivery point in the Jiyang district of the epidemic- Hit Sanya, a coast, a coast Resort City in the south of the province of Hainan of China.

Preenvasted vegetables, ordered during the night, will be delivered to residents under quarantine after the sudden conglomerates outbreak of the novel Coronavirus here. <. /P>

Between August 1 and August 15, more than 8,000 COVID-19 infections were recorded in Sanya. Therefore, local authorities have imposed temporary quarantine measures to contain the propagation of the virus.

"Each bag has six types of vegetables and dragon fruit," Zhang said.

Zhang is in the second year of the postgraduate school at a University of Russia. Due to the epidemic, he has been taking online courses in China during the last two years. After the last Covid-19 outbreak in Sanya, he and his girlfriend Wu Fanli, 21, joined a team of volunteers and led to deliver daily supplies to the residents.

"Some drivers cannot leave. If we do not do this, many daily products will not reach residents on time," Zhang said. "We just want to do something."

According to Zhang, pack is the most exhausting work. "Each vegetable package weighs 12.5 kg, and I have to load them from one place to another and solve the products in the narrow car with my folded back. Fortunately, I often exercise. Otherwise, my body will not be able to pay it." He laughed.

delivered more than 100 orders the previous day and returned to their residence at 11 p.m. They had some bread and sausages for breakfast, and for lunch, each had a cup of instant noodles.

"There is no hot water, so we had to chew it dry. We can only drink a hot meal after getting home at night," Zhang said.

Sitting next to Zhang, Wu's phone continued to buzz with endless phone calls. "The work is laborious, and having me will lighten his load a bit," Wu said.

Some elders do not know how to buy food online, and wu they show them patiently to make orders on mobile phones.

"It is not easy for anyone during the epidemic, and we try to meet their needs," Zhang said. "It's always moving when they thank us after receiving food. What we are doing is significant." ENITEM

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