The Long March 2f Carrier Rocket that carries the Shenzhou XII spacecraft moved to its launch pad at Jiuquan's satellite launch center in the Northwestern China Gobi desert. [Photo by Wang Jiangbo /]

The next manned mission of China - Shenzhou XII: It is expected to leave the Jiuquan satellite launch center in the Northwest Gobi desert of China to the central module of Tianhe of the Space Station of the Nation.

A long rocket of the March 2f company with the Shenzhou XII spacecraft on top of it moved to its launch pad at the space complex on Wednesday night, according to China's Manners Space Agency .

The agency said in a brief statement, the rocket and the spacecraft will receive exams and prelamp tests that, adding the launch center is ready for the next mission.

The Shenzhou XII spacecraft dry with Tianhe and the three members of the crew on board will enter the central module to work within him for three months. The long-bearing rocket March 2 that carries the Shenzhou XII spacecraft moved to its launch pad at the Jiuquan Satellite Launching Center in the Northwest Gobi desert of China. [Photo of Wang Jiangbo /]

Tianhe, or Harmony of Heaven, was raised by a long heavy lifting rocket of March 55 at the Wencang Space launch center in Hainan Province 29 of April. The largest and largest. The spacecraft has built, the module is the first part of the Chinese Space Station, called Tiangong, or Celestial Palace.

On May 29, the first visitor spacecraft to Tianhe, the Robotic Cargo Boat of Tianzhou 2, was launched in the center of Wenchang and soon coupled with the module. The combination is now traveling in a low earth orbit several hundred thousand kilometers on Earth. China's most ambitious spatial effort, Tiangong station will consist of three main components: a core module attached to two spatial laboratories. With a combined weight of almost 70 metric tons. The entire station is configured to work for approximately 15 years, have said mission planners.

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