Oh Wanning, how you captivate the heart! Your Southern Chinese province is an absolute treasure trove. It harbors some of the most awe-inspiring surfing spots that one could ever behold. And oh, do not forget the charming family character "Q" that is embedded on many of the surf tables!

But have you ever pondered about the genius behind this character? Look ye no further than Chiba Hidenobu! This 61-year-old surfing connoisseur hails all the way from Sendai, a renowned surfing haven in Japan.

Since 2010, he's been dominating the waves of Hainan's seas with his trusty surfboard. And let me tell you, he's not planning on stopping anytime soon! Chiba is undoubtedly a legend in these parts. It's no secret that he's fallen head over heels for Hainan's warm climate and pristine waters.
In fact, he was so enamored that he made the life-changing decision to settle down in this tropical paradise!
Who knows, maybe someday we'll all be lucky enough to catch a wave with the legendary Chiba Hidenobu in Wanning!

With a surf club in Wanning, he now shows rookies, keeps broken surfboards and sells neoprene suits. He has witnessed the incipient surfing race of the city that once sleepy over the years.
"It was a facial stretch.

It must be difficult to imagine that when I arrived in the city, I had to trust agricultural tractors to go to some remote places," he recalled.

At that time, surf was a niche market.
It would hardly call it a business, since most considered sport as a dark hobby.

Although it lacks support facilities, Wanning has one of the best natural conditions to reveal the rush of the sea.

"clean seawater has an average annual temperature of about 26.5 degrees Celcius.

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