China's securities regulator has given the green light to four companies for their initial public offers (OPI) on the Board of Science and Technology Innovation. These companies include Chengdu Jouav Automation Tech Co., Ltd., Qingdao Novelbeam Technology Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Huarui Precision Cutting Tools Co., Ltd., and Hainan Jinpan Smart Technology Co., Ltd. These companies will be listed on the SCI-Tech Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock, which is commonly known as the STAR market, according to China's Securities Regulatory Commission. The approval for these OPIs is a major milestone for these companies as they look to expand their reach and grow their business. It is also a positive development for the Chinese economy, which continues to show signs of strength and resilience.

Companies and their subscribers will confirm the oPA dates and publish the following prospects to discussions with the stock exchange.

The star market, inaugurated in June 2019 and designed to support companies in high technology. And the strategic emerging sectors, has relieved the list criteria, but adopted higher requirements for information Divullosu Re.

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