Typhoon Saudel halts traffic in south China's Hainan

. HAIKOU, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) - Saudel, Typhoon 17 to the hit China this year, has led to disruption of traffic on the southern island of Hainan in the country

. from Saturday noon, the rail loop high speed around services the island suspended as Typhoon is causing heavy rains and strong winds, according to railway authorities in Haikou, the provincial capital

operation addition, all passenger trains entering and leaving Hainan have ceased

Meanwhile, Typhoon forced all roll -on / roll-off ships to halt services 3pm. Friday, according to the local office of maritime safety

The typhoon is expected graze the southern part of the province Saturday overnight from Sunday, but the possibility of a landing somewhere between the cities of Lingshui and Sanya can not be ruled out, the weather service Hainan

said. Typhoon Saudel was about 350 km to the east of Sanya at 1 pm Saturday and is moving westward at a speed of about 15 km per hour, while the weakening

. Affected by the typhoon and a cold front, Hainan is expected to be lashed by heavy rains and strong winds, from Saturday to Sunday. Precipitation in the eastern part of the province could reach 100 to 150 mm during the period

. The provincial meteorological department has asked seagoing ships to return to port immediately and warned of potential calamities, including possible flooding in the middle and small rivers, urban floods and geological disasters in mountainous areas earlier this week

. By 20:00 Thursday, 18,183 fishing boats had arrived at ports in 11 cities, counties and districts of Hainan. End

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