Beijing June 14 (Xinhua) - Forecast of the marine environment for major Chinese tourist islands (June 14-15 degrees Celsius temperature):

surface of the sea

temperature time Wave (m)

Islands Shengsi severe convection / 23.3 1.4

drizzle / fog (Zhejiang)

Meizhou Island drizzle / overcast 28.8 0.8


severe / 31.2 1.0

(Guangxi) drizzle

cloudy / cloudy / 19.5 0 , 8

(Shandong) partly cloudy

/ rain24.5 moderate 0.8 < Chongming Island storm p style = "MARGIN: 0px 3px 15px"> (Shanghai / Jiangsu)

Mount Putuo Thunderstorm / Cloudy / 25.0 1.4

(Zhejiang) covered

Pingtan Island partly cloudy / cloudy / 29.7 1.0 < p style = "MARGIN: 0px 3px 15px"> (Fujian) covered

Wuzhizhou Island storm / heavy rain / 29.6 2.0

severe convection (Hainan)

Source: National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center, China. End

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