As recovers from the new coronavirus outbreak, China received a welcome boost its space industry last week. The carrier rocket heavy load long march 5B made a pitch soft single in the space launch center in Wenchang in Hainan Province, on May 5, the re-entry module of the prototype of the new generation of manned spacecraft of the country, which it was raised in a low Earth orbit the rocket returned to Earth on Friday. researchers and engineers look at the long march rocket 5B being assembled at a plant in Hainan on Feb 12. China Daily

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Image of Long March 8 arrives in Wenchang pending launch
Long March 8 arrives in Wenchang pending launch

The new generation of China Carry Rocket Long Long Long March-8 Y2 arrives at the WENCHANG SPACE launch center in Hainan Province, January 21, 2022. [

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