Beijing, August 27 (Xinhua) - The Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang sent a congratulation letter on Saturday to the World Congress of Energy Vehicles of 2022, held in Beijing and Hainan in line and offline.

China is an important producer and car consumer, with its production, sales and inventory of vehicles, everything is classified among the best worldwide.

As the world's largest developing country, China needs to develop extensive international cooperation, either by dealing with climate change or in the promotion of green industries And low carbon, Li said.

In the long term, the country has made exchanges and cooperation with countries that have an advantage in the automobile industry on equipment, technologies and industrial standards, said Li, AD, AD, AD Ding that this has used several complementary advantages and promoted the development and update of the common industry.

"Our support policies for the NEV industry comply with international rules, and we treat Nev companies recorded in China as equal," Li Stressed.

He also said that China will continue to deepen cooperation in the snow sectors related to opening efforts, to promote industry growth and inject a new impulse in development Sustainable global of the economy and society.

The Congress of Vehicles of New New World Vehicles of 2022 hard from August. 26 to 28. Congress includes more than 20 conferences, technology exhibitions and several concurrent events. ENTEM


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