haikou, August 15 (Xinhua) -The province of Hainan of southern China registered 4,390 COVID-19 cases confirmed and 4,493 asymptomatic between August 1 and 14, the authorities said the authorities premises in a press in a press press on Monday.

The COVID-19 situation in the coastal city of Sanya de Hainan continues to develop, with the still high infection numbers. Even so, most new infections were among people under quarantine, according to the provincial headquarters of Covid-19 Prevention and Control. , including Danzhou and Lingshui, is in the development stage, with identified community transmission.

Hainan has helped visitors stranded in the province to return home. For Sunday, 27,211 stranded visitors had left Sanya and the provincial capital Haikou by plane. ENITEM

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Image of Flights set for Hainan tourists
Flights set for Hainan tourists

A medical worker instructs a monk about the use of disinfectants in the Drepung monastery in Lhasa, Autonomous Region of Tibet, Sunday. Lin Lin/China

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