haikou, July 30 (Xinhua) - Fabrice Megarbane, L'Oréal North Asia Zone President and Executive Director of L'Oréal China, sees the second expo of Consumer products of China of China (CICPE) as a sign of the largest opening of the Chinese market.

The exhibition, which ended on Saturday in Haikou, capital of the province of Hainan of southern China, attracted exhibitors from 61 countries and regions. Some 2,800 brands of 1,955 national and international companies participated in the exhibitions.

China undertakes to open more and is increasingly determined to unleash the potential of its market by increasing consumption, Megarbane said. It was also the second time that L'Oréal exhibited at the Expo, and this year expanded its exhibition area to 625 square meters.

There were more than 50 French companies and almost 250 French brands participating in the exhibition held on the tourist island of Hainan. France was the guest country of honor in this year's CICPE and, after China, the second largest exhibitor.

French fashion brand Karl Lagerfeld and the Hainan Global Free Free Duty Duty Duty Plaza on February 26 signed a strategic cooperation agreement to share the opening opportunities and accelerate The expansion of the Hainan Consumer market.

Durian, coffee, snacks and various delicacy exhibited by the Charoen Pokphand group in Thailand were the audience's favorites during the event. "The Expo is a very good platform and is in line with the development strategy of our company," said Xue Zengyi, senior vice president of the China area of ​​the group's industrial water and food.

Attracted by preferential policies of the Hainan Free Trade He hopes to import the best Consumer goods in the world in Hainan and then emphasize them to the Chinese market and, at the same time, bring high quality Chinese Consumer goods to the world.

Oranuch Wannapinyo, Commercial Consess quality will be promoted to the Chinese market and worldwide.

foreign direct investment tickets, in real use, increased 17 .4 percent year after year to 723.31 billion yuan (about 107.3 million of US dollars) in the first six months, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

Vice Minister of Commerce Sheng qiuping said that during the exhibition, the number of exhibitors and foreign brands increased significantly, the international exhibition areas expanded and the quality of the Economic and commercial activities also improved that the role of the exhibition platform has become more prominent and the Chinese market has become more attractive. ENITERM

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