The Tianzhou 3 load spacecraft departed from the Tiangong Space Station on Sunday morning, according to China's managed space agency.

The agency said in a brief statement that robotic crafts highlighted from Tiangong at 10: 59 am and will be guided by land controllers to return to the earth in due time.

In a previous statement, the agency said that Tianzhou 3 will stand out to leave its coupling hatch for Wentian's next space laboratory.

It was launched on September 20 from the Wenchang space launch center in Hainan province, Tianzhou 3 docked with Tiangong in an orbit of Low Tierra from around 400 kilometers later that day.

carrying almost 6 metric tons of propellants and materials, the cargo ship had the task of supporting the Shenzhou XIII mission, during which a three -member crew remained for six months within the Tiangong station from mid -October until mid -April.

Currently, Tiangong consists of Tianhe's core module, Tianzhou 4 and the Shenzhou XIV spacecraft. His current occupants, three astronauts of the Shenzhou XIV mission, arrived at the station in mid -June and are scheduled to fly until the end of the year.

Within this month, the first laboratory component of the Tiangong-Wentian station, or search for the skies, will be launched from Wenchang to the robbery with the station, while the second laboratory called Mengtian, Or dreaming of the heavens, it will be sent in October. After they are connected to the Tiangong, the station will form a T -shaped structure. Huge orbit of orbit around the end of the year.

Each Tianzhou load spacecraft has two parts, a load cabin and a propulsion section. These vehicles are 10.6 meters long and 3.35 meters wide.

The cargo vehicle has an takeoff weight of 13.5 tons and can transport up to 6.9 tons of supplies to the space station.

When it comes to load capacity, Tianzhou is the best space load ship in the world because it is the first of its kind to transport up to 6.9 tons of materials to space.


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