haikou, June 10 (Xinhua) - Since the implementation of the Hainan Free Trade Port Law (FTP) on June 10, 2021, Hainan has issued 17 related regulations related , with the new law that accelerates local legislation to guarantee a better development and wider opening of Hainan FTP.

According to the law, the construction of Hainan FTP focuses on trade and liberalization and facilitation of investment.

Hainan FTP Law requires that more content related to the foreigner is reflected in the implementation process, especially accelerating support legislation to guarantee a high opening level, Chi Fulin, head of the China Reform and Development Institute based in Hainan, said.

During the past year, Hainan has issued regulations on fair competition, bankruptcy, protection of Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/2366" target="_BLANK">intellectual property rights (DPI) and commercial desertation, to ensure that the construction of Hainan FTP Ion is in line with the international and commercial economic and commercial rules of high level and commerce.

Hainan has advanced institutional innovation and established the FTP bankruptcy system with Chinese characteristics. The Haikou Banking Court, the first of its kind in the province, was founded last December to process all types of cases related to bankruptcy.

He Siling, head of the Haikou Bankruptcy Court, said the court had handled 199 cases of bankruptcy and liquidation from May, improving ease with the ease with the ease with the ease with the ease with the ease with that companies manage bankruptcy, while reducing bankruptcy costs.

How to support the legislation of the Hainan FTP Law, the DPI Protection Regulation, which entered into force on January 1 of this year, provided the base Legal for Hainan to build a world -class IPR Highlands, said Xia Junli, head of the intellectual of the Hainan Free Trade port. Property Court.

Hainan initiated cross -class protection of known trademarks unregistered and created rules on the protection of registered goods for parallel imports and the manufacture of original equipment. << /p

The rule of law is key to a good business environment. Last September, Hainan issued a regulation on the optimization of the local business environment, which plays an important role in the guide and guarantee of the construction of the Hainan business environment.

The improvement of the business environment has attracted more and more foreign companies to invest in the tropical island.

The data of the Provincial Trade Department show that 1,936 companies financed by foreigners were recently established in 2021, an interannual increase of 92.6 percent. Meanwhile, the real use of foreign investment exceeded 3.5 billion US dollars, 16.2 percent year after year.

Foreign investment fever continued this year. Hainan actually used 1.04 billion US dollars of foreign investment in the first four months, 54.8 percent year after year.

China launched a master plan in June 2020 to build the construction of the province of the island in a high -level free trade port worldwide in the middle of the century . ENITEM


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