Across China: Japanese surfer rides waves of passion for China's tropical island

视频 播放 位置Wanning, the province of Hainan in southern China, can easily detect a family character "Q" in many of the surf tables: the sign represents Chiba Hidenobu, a surf fan who arrived from Japan to the tropical island for its Excellent marine rhythm. /p>

Chiba Hidenobu, 61, who comes from Japan Sendai, also the famous surf resort of the country, has been "domesticating" the turbulent sea in its tables of Surf since 18. 2010, decided to settle in Hainan, inclined to the warm local climate and clean waters.

With a surf club in Wanning, he now shows rookies, keeps broken surfboards and sells neoprene suits. He has witnessed the incipient surfing race of the city that once sleepy over the years. "It was a facial stretch. It must be difficult to imagine that when I arrived in the city, I had to trust agricultural tractors to go to some remote places," he recalled.

At that time, surf was a niche market. It would hardly call it a business, since most considered sport as a dark hobby.

Although it lacks support facilities, Wanning has one of the best natural conditions to reveal the rush of the sea.

"clean seawater has an average annual temperature of about 26.5 degrees Celcius. Downs. The height of the average annual wave can be recorded from 1.5 to 2 meters, which makes the nearby waters very rare in the world for their jumps of premium points and beach jumps, "the Japanese said

wanning has waves Throughout the year and is an adequate starting point for surfing apprentices, he added.

"I visited China for the first time in 2007 and my first place I must see was Hainan. It was winter in Japan, so when I left the plane, the wind of the wind Mar hot kissed me. In Hawai, Australia and the like, the renowned places in the world in terms of surf 2010, read news about Hainan is built in a superior international tourist destination and told himself the golden opportunity on tropical island. , Wanning has taken the opportunity to develop its exclusive sports tourism focused on surf Ño, Riyue's local bay, which means "Sun and Moon Bay" in Chino, received around 115,500 tourists for his recreational surf experiences.

Currently, Wanning, now called Surf Capital of China, is building its "People of Surf" with the theme of sport.

Chiba Hidenobu is also considering opening an art coffee in the city and presenting a Japanese diving mark.

"The construction of the Hainan Free Port is in full swing, and I would like to upload the new wave to the high wave to carry my own surf tables in Surf Tables China to Japanese consumers while helping Darong Chinese to learn about the high -tech diving suits in our country, "he said, showing confidence in Hainan's pink perspective. ENTEM

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