Boao, Hainan, April 20 (Xinhua) - Asian countries are moving in a quick and responsible manner in response to the call for a green transition that arises from the constant flow of the Extreme weather events, according to a report published by the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) on Wednesday.

By the end of 2021, 25 Asian countries had made NET-zero promises, said the sustainable development of BFA: Asia and the global annual report 2022. In order to improve green governance, governments in Asian countries have taken measures, including establishing a high-level leader. Groups and committees Supervising the formulation and implementation of national national national strategies, which define the objectives of the decarbonization and the development of route maps to meet these objectives, in addition to establishing carbon emissions trading systems, according to the report.

Asian countries Sustained global mobilization Ren and sustainable financing Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, since Climate Finance for Asia in 2020 represented around 50 per One hundred of the global total, compared to 17 percent for Western Europe and 13 percent for the United States and Canada, according to the report, citing the latest estimates of the Climate Policy Initiative.

The Asia-Pacific region occupied the second place in the issuance of ecological links, which had 22.6 percent of the global total in 2021, while out of Bonds issued in Asia, 39 percent was denominated in Chinese Renminbi currency, according to the report.

Capital market solutions for green finance have also been developed in Asia said, highlighting the tight regulatory requirements and the establishment of standards and the role of multilateral banks of Development in the promotion of green finances.

In terms of green technology, Asia-Pacific is a mature region at the World Earth Energy Brand ET and Asia continued to handle new photovoltaic solar installations in 2020, according to the report.

Asian companies are ambitious in the fight against climate change, with 440 of them registering. At the initiative of science-based objectives, he said. These companies have used Multiple means of green transition, including commutation to renewable energy and establish sustainability governance structures. Enditem follows on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation. Download the Chicanews application


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