Shenzhou XIII crew back to Earth
Image of the screen captured at Beijing Aerospace Control Center in Beijing, Capital of China, October 16, 2021 shows three Chinese astronauts, Zhai Zhigang (C), Wang Yaping (R) and Ye Guangfu, waving after entering the Central module of the Tianhe Space Station. [Photo / Xinhua]


- China Shenzhou XIII Space Mission Crew has landed on the Dongfeng landing site on Saturday morning

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China Shenzhou XIII Space Mission Crew has completed all its tasks and will soon return to Earth, according to China's manned space agency.

The agency said late on Thursday night that astronauts, General General Zhai Zhigang, Senior Colonel Wang Yaping and Colonel Senior, Guangfu, will come out of Tiangong's space station in due time and The land on the Dongfeng landing site in the Autonomous Region of Interior Mongolia in the re-entry capsule of its Shenzhou XIII spacecraft.

For Thursday night, the crew had finished all the preparatory work on his return, while the landing site and other systems had been prepared to receive astronauts, the agency said.

zhai and crew colleagues have established a record for the longest manned space space and placed a solid base for the next steps in Tiangong SP the orbit assembly of the ACE station .

The crew arrived at Tiangong station on October 16, embarking on his six-month trip.

In the next few weeks, China will launch the Tianzhou 4 spacecraft cargo to transport supplies, experimental materials and fuel to Tiangong station.

The unmanned spacecraft and its carrier, a long March 7, has reached the Wencang Space launch center in the province of Hainan and is in the process of submitting final evidence, according to the Manned Space Agency from China.

Shortly after its release, Tianzhou 4 will be docked with the Tiangong central module and will wait for the arrival of the crew members of the Shenzhou XIV mission.

Each Tianzhou charging spacecraft has two parts: a loading cabin and a propulsion section. These vehicles are 10.6 meters long and 3.35 meters wide.

It has a takeoff weight of 13.5 metric tons and can transport up to 6.9 tonnes of supplies to the space station, according to its designers.

last month, Tianzhou 2 fell back to the ground with most of his body that burns during re-entry, while Tianzhou 3 remains connected to the station.

After Tianzhou 4, three astronauts on the Shenzhou XIV mission will be launched from Jiuquan's satellite launch center at Northwestern China to Tiangong station and stay there for six months. Two spatial laboratories, or the search for heaven, and Mengtian, or dreaming of the heavens, will be launched to complete the station.

Zhou Jianping, designer head of the nation's Manned Space Program, said last month, that Shenzhou XIV team will be responsible for monitoring the coupling between Tianhe Core module and the two spatial laboratories and Then configure the laboratories.

Around the end of this year, the cargo craftsmanship of Tianzhou 5 and the crew of Shenzhou XV will reach the station.

On Tiangong's completion around the end of this year, it will consist of three main components, a core module linked with two Labs of great space, two Shenzhou spatial ships and a cargo ship, which weighs About 100 tons. A total of six astronauts will stay within the station, the infrastructure based on larger space China has been built, before Shenzhou XIV crew returned to Earth, according to Zhou.

He said that Tiangong station will be a platform for scientific experiments and technology demonstrations in a wide range of research fields, such as biology, material science and hydrodynamics microgravity.

The station is scheduled to operate for 15 years and will be open to foreign astronauts, the space the agency said.


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