haikou - Chen Xingrong's favorite activity is jumping over the swing in the center of the living room and hanging.

The swing was created by his father to help him learn to swim without water.

"When he is happy, he jumps on the swing and smiles from ear to ear. This is his way of saying" I'm happy, "said Father Chen Chen Xunhu." But now he is a big boy and It has grown as high as 1.78 meters, and the swing has become a bit too small for him. "

Chen Xingrong, 16, was diagnosed with autism when he was a baby. Autism is a disorder neurological that is characterized by various degrees of deterioration in communication skills and social interactions and restricted behavior patterns. There is no effective cure or a widely accepted treatment.

There is at least 10 million of autism cases in China, with more than 2 million children affected by this disease, according to an industry report published in 2015.

Despite all difficulties in life, Chen Xingrong achieved become a prominent swimmer, thanks to the implacable training and the love and support of his Members of the family and the community.

Last year, he won five medals, including a gold, in the 11th national games for people with disabilities and the 8th national Special Olympics.

Swimming towards victory

born in the further province of Hainan, Chen Xingrong, Chen Xingrong could not pronounce a word until the age of two. After being diagnosed with autism, his parents were extremely worried.

"We do not understand why such a thing would happen to us," said Chen Xunhu, adding that he began to travel to large cities like Beijing and Guangzhou to learn more about autism. During the process, he learned to communicate properly with autistic people. He left him work in a computer company and dedicated all his attention to the issue of autism.

In 2012, Chen Xunhu learned that swimming could help people with autism improve their vital capacity and articulation, so he spent three months learning to swim watching videos and reading books.

"I did not know how to swim myself, so I saw videos and read books about swimming, I spent three months teaching my son, but the efforts, everything went in vain," he remembered. "However, I learned to swim myself." "

to his surprise, after another three months, Chen Xunhu discovered that his son had developed the ability to control breathing underwater, which significantly boosted his confidence and swimming soon became a part Inseparable family.

The father sat the bases for his son's swimming lesson. On a wall of his house hang a table for Chen Xingrong routine exercises.

"He used to plan all his exercises for him, but now everything depends on him," said Chen Senior. "Decide how many exercises he wants to do, and we respect his elections. It is a process of self-management. "

Two hand rings and a swing is suspended from the ceiling, all of which were installed by the parent to help Chen Xingrong, strengthen his muscles and learn more swimming movements Precisely.

In October 2021, Chen Xunhu brought his son and several other disabled athletes to participate in the 11th National Paralympic Games and the Special Eighth. Olympic Games in Xi'an, capital of the province of Shaanxi from China Northwest.

Chen Junior managed to claim five medals, including a gold.

"was really exciting," said Chen Xunhu. "My son looked so happy at the Podium! "

Building inclusive community

In addition to swimming, learning the basic skills of life is also an important part of life for a adolescent with autism.

"I hope my son can live well only when we get older," said Chen Xunhu.

For people in s U community understand autism better, Chen Xunhu made great efforts.

in 2010, an autism-th

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