China science, technology news summary Feb. 21

Beijing Feb. 21 (Xinhua) - The following is a summary of the news published science and technology of China

technology experiment satellites

China sent four new experimental satellites technology in a planned orbit from the Xichang satellite Launch Center in southwestern Sichuan province of China Thursday satellites, carrier rocket launched by a Long March-2D at 5:07 am (Beijing time), will be used primarily for the new experiment technology Earth observation

space station construction

the first flight of the long rocket Marcha-5B carry a version of test the new generation of Chinese it manned expected the spacecraft to be held in April, indicating the imminent start of construction of the space station China

. the rocket, the central capsule prototype space station and the spacecraft experimental manned are tested in Wenchang Space Launch Center coast of southern Chinese island of Hainan

. new coronavirus

is possible that the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) can exist for a long time as the flu, he said a specialist Chinese respiratory

in an interview with China Central Television evening on Wednesday, Wang Chen, vice president of the Academy of Engineering of China, said that since SARS has strong transmission capacity and pathogenicity it is difficult for the virus to survive and continue to spread between people. . If the killing virus to the host, also perishes

However, you may COVID-19 many are turning to a longstanding illness like flu, Wang said <. / p>

NEW tEST eQUIPMENT scientists at Zhongshan hospital affiliated with Fudan University in Shanghai announced they have developed a test kit confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in 10 minutes on average

. the new assay kit nucleic acid has been verified and completed human trials of 310 cases in Jiangsu, Chongqing and Shanghai. The shorter detection was only a minute, according to a hospital

. Soon undergo clinical validation with more cases. End

Chongqing,  Sichuan,  Beijing,  Jiangsu,  Xichang,  Shanghai, 

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