Haikou, March 12 (Xinhua) - With a few desks and chairs, a temporary court was established in the town of Qingong hidden in the lush green mountains in southern China Hainan Province.

Around 100 people were present in court, including forest patrols, forest public safety officers and local villagers, in a special trial celebrated this week for a poaching . Case in the area of ​​conservation of tropical forests.

The authorities in Hainan are using circuit breeds to increase public awareness to protect the environment, particularly in remote and mountainous areas.

A circuit court means that legal staff with a Court of People enters rural or remote areas to try suspects. Actually, such courts have been labeled as "grassland courts", "horse courts", "courts at sea" and "field courts", based on locations that take place.

In the trial held on Wednesday by the second Popular Intermediate Court of the Hainan Province, prosecutors accused several local villagers to use weapons to hunt wild animals in the Protected basic areas of Hainán Tropical Rainforest National Park. It was believed that the suspects killed four valuable birds.

The suspects confessed to the crime, and the court said it would announce a verdict at a later date.

After the test, the court staff also granted brochures to the villagers to promote the knowledge of the protection of wild animals. The brochures explained the law and answered questions about illegal record, poaching and the purchase of wildlife.

"Through the trial of the circuit court and the promotion of cash, we hope to bring the court to the deep mountains and raise the environmental awareness of the Villagers, "said Zheng Lanqing, president of the second intermediate popular court in Hainan province. "It is a good way to improve the legal awareness of people." "

Yang Maoming, also with the court, said they have launched the circuit breeding program related to the environment in three main national areas of Natural Reserve in Hainan .

"The Circuit Court program allows judges to go to the place where the case occurred or where the defendant is", Yang said. "It also allows the villagers understand what is prohibited by law directly attending the court in person. "

Circuit courts have been shown to raise public legal awareness and In lower crime rates, Yang added. Enditem

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