Across China: Pakistanis discover traditional China in celebrating Spring Festival

Yinchuan, February 8 (Xinhua): As a Pakistani son-in-law in China, Murad Haider, 36, is quite familiar with the Spring Festival while this lunar was going before the New Year's Eve, just like observing the spring festival gala, making meatballs and enjoying a family reunion dinner.

"I made meatballs pretty well, and it's fantastic for the family. Members to build stronger family ties during the family reunion dinner," Haider said.

Murad comes from the Northeast Rawalpindi from Pakistan, a city near the capital Islamabad. He has lived in Yinchuan, the capital of the autonomous region of Ningxia Hui Ningxia Hui from northwestern China, for approximately 15 years since he arrived at the University of Ningxia for the learning of Chinese languages ​​in 2007.

After getting your expertise, Haider also harvested her sweet love for this foreign country and married a local Ningxia in 2013.

As a tradition of long-term centuries in China the Spring Festival, also known as Chinese Lunar New Year, is a significant occasion for family gatherings. Haider, deeply influenced by traditional Chinese culture, used to travel back to Pakistan with his wife and daughter of him of 7 years during the festival, and he would do the same this year if it were not for the pandemic.

"I have not met with my family in Pakistan for two years," said man. "I miss them, but I'm not alone at all, because I also have friends and friends in Ningxia."

Like Murad Haider, Nawaz Shah, calling from the Malakand of Northwest Pakistan, it's another hand of China. He has been studying and living in China for 11 years and is now a graduate student at the Medical University of Ningxia.

Nawaz Shah has been in more than 20 cities in China. He visited Harbin Ice-Snow World and was impressed with the vivid ice sculptures. He also traveled to the Hainan province of South China for a trip he described as "coming spring warm after a three-hour flight in a thick jacket".

he is quite familiar with China, as well as the Spring Festival. Nawaz Shah remembered the great surprise of receiving a red package when he was invited to a friend's house in a town in Henan province of Central China.

"I know the Chinese elderly would give the money from the young generation or the red packages during the festival, but I did not expect it to have one," said Nawaz Shah. "I felt moved and I would never forget the day." "

Zafar Iqbal, a Pakistani expert at the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of Ningxia, was also impressed over the great day. For the Chinese. Due to the pandemic , he also opted to stay in China during the spring festival vacation.

"I have experienced and witnessed many spring festivals during my stay in Ningxia. During the festival, people would exchange gifts, would give red packages, they would visit friends and would spend a happy time with family members, "said Iqbal.

Having worked in many places in Europe, Africa and Asia, it still likes Ningxia from China. "Ningxia has a beautiful landscape, which encompasses mountain wetlands, rivers to deserts, green fields to well-established and well-planned city centers . Everything seems like a country of wonders. "

This year, Iqbal passed the festival with his Chinese friends, enjoying a nice chat time as his members of the family.

To help foreigners enrich their vacation life, the regional government of Ningxia has organized a series of celebration activities, inviting foreign experts to" target="_BLANK">Experience traditional Chinese art, including ink paint and paper cutting.


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