Beijing, December 21 (Xinhua), even when the Covid-19 pandemic causes havoc worldwide, the Chinese consumer market, the second largest in the world for 2020 , it continued its vibrant expansion this year with more new tendencies.

Official data shows that China's total consumer goods retail sales increased 13.7 percent year to 39.96 billion yuan (around 6.25 Billions US dollars) In the first 11 months of 2021. It is expected that the country is the largest merchandise consumer market in the world during the 14th Quinquennial Plan (2021-2025).

On the solid road to improve the world, the Chinese consumer market is witnessing new opportunities created by emerging trends related to product update, the new channels of Sale and detailed division of consumer groups.

Life service consumption

Significant increase in conversion SUMERS Life Standards They have been accompanied by the emergence of development-oriented consumption instead of the pattern based on need. As a result, life services have been rapidly aimed at people's shopping bags.

During the Singles Day Shopping Wave of this year, the consumption of oral vaccines and health services increased by 20 times and 12 times, respectively, the E-Commerce Giant data show. The new services, such as the management of pet health and the domestic organization were also well received by consumers.

From tourism to professional training, from crafts and baking classes to car maintenance, China's service consumption continues to expand its online territory and out of line

The service consumption represents more than 45 percent of China's consumption, said Chi Fulin, China's head of Hainan-based renovation for reform and development, waiting That the country becomes the new world's new market for the consumption of services.

livestreaming e-commerce

China's online retail sales market was the largest World for eight consecutive years by 2020. As the contactless economy was added by the Covid-19 pandemic, the country's advantage in electronic commerce was further consolidated, with online services, such as remote education and easier medical care to access. and new sales channels increasingly significant.

As a typical sales innovation example, Livestreaming electronic commerce, which allows sellers to show their products more authentically and completely. , I had attracted 617 million users in May 2021. It is expected that the size of the market is close to 2 trillion yuan this year, according to a report From a Ministry of Commerce Research Institute. It is expected that it is expected to exceed 4.9 trillion yuan in 2023, the data of the market research company is shown.


In the traditional market sales market, companies run racing for Winning customers with higher quality products, at a lower cost and with greater added value, with "Guochao" or brands and domestic products, such as a good example.

The Chinese consumer zeal has been extended from products by winning brands to national brands in various fields, including mobile phones, automobiles and cosmetics, backed by technological innovations and a sense of assembly identity with Chinese culture.

Industry data show that the popularity of "Guochao" emerged 528 percent in the last decade, while the consumption of nationals. The goods were shot at 32.6 percent year after year in the first four months of 2021. During the Singles Day of this year, Carniva L purchases, Chinese brands sales represented 70 percent of the total.


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