Beijing, October 8 (Xinhua): Habitats for wild animals in China have expanded and their populations are growing, said a white paper on Friday for the information of the Council of State Office.

The population of giant pandas in nature has grown from 1,114 to 1.864 in the last four decades. The population of Ibis Creste has increased from only seven to more than 5,000, according to the White Paper entitled "Conservation of Biodiversity in China".

The population of Asian elephants in nature has grown from 180 in the 1980s to approximately 300 at present. The wild population of Hainan Gibbon has increased from no more than ten in two groups 40 years ago to 35 in five groups.

Captive pandas have grown in numbers, and have been reduced from "endangered" to "vulnerable" in the list of species at risk of extinction, according to The white paper. EndItem


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