Wencang, Hainan, September 20 (Xinhua) - China launched the Tianzhou-3 charging spaceCraft on Monday to offer supplies for its space station under construction.

The Long March-7 Y4 Rocket, who takes Tianzhou-3, ruined at 3:10 pm (Beijing time) of the Wencang SpaceCraft launch site in The southern province of Hainan, according to China's Manners Space Agency (CMSA).

After 597 seconds, Tianzhou -3 separated from the rocket and entered its designated orbit. At 3:22 pm, Tianzhou-3 solar panels are developed and started working properly.

The launch was a complete success, said the CMSA.

according to the CMSA, TIANZHOU-3 dry with the combination of the central module of the Tianhe and Tianzhou-2 charging posters later.

The cargo boat takes almost 6 tons of goods and materials, preparing for the next launch of the Crewed mission of Shenzhou-13.

The CMSA said Tianzhou-3 is loaded with living supplies for astronauts, an extravasized space suit for backup, supplies for extraveal activities, space station platform materials , payload and propellants.

On September 18, Tianzhou-2 cargo Craft was separated from Tianhe's rear coupling port and docked with its front coupling port. The CMSA said that the combination of Tianhe and Tianzhou-2 is in good condition, waiting for them to be coupled with Tianzhou-3 cargo Crafts and the Shenzhou-13 manned spaceCraft.

The launch of Monday is the twentieth of China's manned spatial programs and the 389th mission of the long series of March rockets.

As the old Chinese said, to carry out an important task, supplies such as rations and forage should continue with troops and horses. During the construction of the space station, the charging spatial ships will always be launched ahead of the mission with crew.

"We will transport the support materials, the spare parts and the necessary equipment first, and then, our crew," said CMSA Director Hao Chun.

Following the mission of Tianzhou-3, the Shenzhou-13 manned spaceCraft will be thrown to dock with the Tianhe Central Module, and three astronauts will begin their six-month stay in orbit

China plans to complete the verification of key technologies and the construction in orbit of the space station. Through Multiple releases within two years.

Five launch missions are planned for this year, namely, the launch of the Tianhe Core module, Tianzhou-2 cargo ship, Shenzhou-12. Travelulent mission, Tianzhou-3 cargo vessel and the next mission of Shenzhou-13 with crew.

Six more Wil missions reach 2022, including the launch of Wornian and Mengtian laboratory modules, two spaceCraft loading and two spatial ships with crew, for Complete the construction of the space station. EndItem

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