A long and March 7, the rocket, leading to Tianzhou 3, motigen from the Wencang Space launch center on the coast of Hainan province of South Island. Your Dong / For China Daily

Preparations made for the 2nd team that will spend record six months in module

China launched the Tianzhou 3 spacecraft on Monday to offer more supplies to Tiangong Space Station and secure That three astronauts who are scheduled to pass a six-month record in it can live and work comfortably.

A rocket of 53 meters long March 7, leading to Tianzhou 3, disappeared from the Wencang Space launch center on the coast of Hainán province of South Island at 3:10 p.m. .

The spacecraft entered into a low ground orbit, deployed its solar panels at 3:22 pm and began to execute the rapid autonomous appointment and coupling procedures. With Tianhe, the central module of the Space Station, China, the Manned Space Agency, said in a statement.

tianzhou 3 is the second load spacecraft sent to Tianhe, during the construction phase of the station. A series of Tianzhou robotic load space ships will occur to allow more frequent deliveries of supplies in the future, said Deng Kaiwen, Tianzhou Main Commander Assistant 3.

Tianzhou crafts will also focus on Using the Beidou navigation satellite system from China to make Tianhe's coupling procedures more accurate, Deng del Fifth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science Science and Technology Corporation, he said.

In October, a second group of three astronauts was scheduled. Sent to Tianhe in the Shenzhou spacecraft XIII. Will spend twice as much time at the space station as its predecessors, who returned to earth safely on Friday after spending 90 days living and working on the central module, the longest stay in space by Chinese astronauts, according to CMSA.

Compared with the items delivered by Tianzhou 2 at the end of May, there is a greater variety of products on board Tianzhou 3 to support the operation of the space station. Supplies include essential elements for astronauts, as well as spare parts for space station, Deng said.

"To accommodate the needs of the astronauts that will stay longer, Tianzhou 3 has taken 40 percent more drinking water than Tianzhou 2. Meanwhile, we have eliminated four units of propeller storage to make more space . Tianzhou 2 had two tons of propeller, while Tianzhou 3 will only send 750 kilograms to Tiangong. But it can fully support Tiangong-related missions during its construction phase. "Deng said.

He added that, as the second crew, he will celebrate a series of festivals at the space station, including the Spring Festival, there could be special treats on board.

Tianzhou 3 And its supplies were tested for Covid-19 before the spacecraft is sealed on August 2 to ensure that astronauts did not run at risk of infection, he added.

The Robotic Spaceship of Tianzhou 2 changed a coupling hatch with the Tiangong Space Station on Saturday, according to the CMSA. Tianhe and the load spacecraft were in good condition, he said, noting that the pair of orbitations will soon receive Tianzhou 3.

", then Tianhe will have two space warehouses at the same time. The new crew still They have missions that will be carried out in Tianzhou 2 before it can be deleted, "Deng said.

A TIANZHOU charging spacecraft has two parts: a loading cabin and a propulsion section, and can transport up to 6.9 tons metric supplies.

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