Haikou, September 17 (Xinhua) - The main manufacturers of cars and global experts have requested more intensive cooperation in the field of new energy vehicles (NEV) to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

Talking in the 3rd New World Vehicle Congress of the world (Wnevc), international participants said since China is the world's largest car market, They are willing to work. With Chinese partners to fight climate change for a clean and beautiful world.

Themed "The commercialization of integral promotion, accelerating the integration of the industry industry, jointly achieving carbon neutrality", the three-day event took place Once in Haikou, capital of the Hainan province of South China, from September 15 to 17.

John Edwards, British Commissioner for China, said it encourages the most Chinese companies to explore opportunities for collaboration with the United Kingdom and help To shape the battery and new energy vehicle market.

"Both China and the United Kingdom have detailed plans for zero emission vehicles. I firmly believe, through exchanges and cooperation, as in this event, we can accelerate the Innovation and encourage a successful environment to meet our zero emission vehicle goals, "Edwards said.

As a company that has operated on the Chinese market for decades, BMW expressed its support for the green transition in China.

The German car manufacturer said it will provide more zero emission vehicles for the Chinese market and expand the scale of public cargo stations by collaborating with Chinese companies. BMW is forging cooperation with Chinese technology giants to help Startups in technological innovation, BMW's Development Chief, Frank Weber, said in a video.

The overall supplier of the ZF automatic system has configured almost 50 manufacturing companies and four R & D centers in more than 20 cities in China.

Holger Klein, member of the ZF Group Administration Board, SAI D The company will continue to improve its innovation and development capabilities and promote digital manufacturing for the market of NEV Chinese and will contribute to China's sustainable development and mobility of the next generation of China.

Noting that China is the largest electric vehicle market, Hans Georg Engel, Executive Vice President of Daimler Greater China Ltd., said the company established a center of I + D In Beijing with more than 1,000 engineers and will continue to invest in China to do your research. Most notable capabilities.

To be specific, Daimler will focus on the research and development of electric cars and battery technologies to provide customized products to meet the demand of Chinese consumers, He added.

The German car manufacturer Volkswagen plans to build 17,000 high-power load stacks in China before 2025 and 32,000 for 2030, according to Liu Yunfeng, Vicercodo de Volkswagen GRO China, noting that achieving carbon neutrality requires an effort from all countries around the world.

Liu's comments were echoed by Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, CEO of the World Environment Ease, who urged intensive cooperation in terms of technologies and markets for Help the development of the NEV industry in developing countries. EndItem


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