Beijing, September 1 (Xinhua) - The Global Accounting and Consulting Firm Ey has expressed great hope at the next China International Fair for Trade in Services (Citients) as the Opening of China in the service sector is providing enormous opportunities for investors in the country and abroad.

"As the country's main exposure in service trade, CIFTIS embodies China's commitment to high level opening and has become an important platform for leading The latest trends in the global service industry and promote the development of global services trade, "Xie Jiayang, a managing partner of Ey Greater China, told Xinhua in an interview.

China has taken a series of measures to deepen the opening of its service sector, such as shortening the negative list for foreign investment for four consecutive years, introducing a list Negative for the cross. Border Trade Services at the Hainan Free Trade Port and making opening commitments in 22 more service fields when signing the Regional Integral Economic Association Agreement.

"Faced with the great challenges of Covid-19, China has made a constant progress in opening, especially in institutional opening," Xie said.

She acclaimed the launch of the negative list for cross-border service in Hainan, the first for services, which came into force on August 26. "China attempt to implement the list, resulting in a greater opening for a wide range of subsectors including culture, finance, transport, telecommunications and Education, reflects a breakthrough of the country's administration in services, "said Xie.

She believed the efforts to comply with international high-level international and commercial standards and the improvement of opening will attract many multinational companies to invest in Hainan and promote development of service organizations financed abroad in the port.

The country launched the pilot free trade zone from China (Beijing) in September 2020 to promote technological innovation and the development of digital, health, cultural services and financial He has also added four pilot areas to deepen the opening in the service of services in Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing and Hainan.

"In recent years, China has taken action actively to eliminate barriers on staff and data flow, as well as business operation and operation" , Xie said.

She spoke highly of examples, including Hainan configuration delay attempt. For professional service institutions and the Beijing pilot of international trips of Chinese tourists organized by foreign travel agencies.

Waiting for opportunities in China's services trading sector, the company has registered off-line activities of the Fair for the first time this year and will show the Achievements in the fields of the great data, blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and robotics in the special section for the digital services of the fair, which has been established for the first time. .

More than 10,000 companies from 153 countries and regions have been registered in CIFTIS this year. Among them, the 2,400 signatures will show their products and services offline.

Up to 18 percent of the unconnected exhibitors are the companies of Fortune 500 and the main companies, up to 9 percentage points of the last year-round points, according to the Organizers

Considering the great proportion of the service sector in the Chinese economy, XIE believed that the high quality development of the sector, especially production and modern services, are very Significant to accelerate Chi establishment.

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