Beijing, July 29 (Xinhua) - Foreign investors can smell new opportunities to take advantage of the Chinese market, since the country has recently implemented its first negative list in cross-border services. Trade On the South Hainan Island, highlighting "egalitarian market access" for national and foreign players.

with high level opening in areas, including professional services, transport and finance. , the list marked a big leap forward for China to open to open its market even more after passing the negative lists for foreign investment, experts said.

For example, between the 160 services the subsectors under the classification of the World Trade Organization (WTO), around 120 viewed a higher level of opening in the new List compared to China's commitments when it joined the WTO, official data were shown.

Adopt a negative list in the Cross-Border Services Trade demonstrates the determination of China to continuously deepen reforms and actively expand the opening, said Liu Tao, researcher with the Research Center for Development of the State Council.

Accelerate the concentration of elements related to the service, such as the data, advanced technologies and high-end talent in Hainan and the entire nation, which leads to Promote China's trade in services, according to Liu.

Opening has ensured a crucial position in the Chinese's policy design, as it began to open its market to the world over 40 years ago. That posture did not even change in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the deployment of new opening measures.

After years of efforts, China has seen free trade zones sprout from coastal areas to the interior areas and published a master plan to build Hainan in a port of free trade.

Hainan is not the only testing ground for the new policy tools. Earlier this month, China launched a guide to support the high-level reform and opening of the new Pudong area in Shanghai.

Restrictions In the financial sector will also be lifted, since the country will present a pilot program at the SCI-Tech Style Sci-Tech Innovation Board that It will allow foreign institutional investors qualified to use the Yuan to participate in stock offers, according to the guide.

"The high-level reform and opening will provide a convenient and open environment and an institutional guarantee for multinationals, which increases its interests in investment in China" , Nie Pingxiang said, a researcher with the Chinese. Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (Caitec) under the Ministry of Commerce.

Gravitating to China

Due to its opening measures and its resistant economic fundamentals, China has become a conviete In a popular destination for foreign investors seeking opportunities for growth and development.

The second summit of the Qingdao multinationals just finished Done representatives of 390 companies Fortune 500 and 517 industry leaders. The two-day event saw 96 foreign investment projects signed, with the total value of the investment that reached 11.85 billion US dollars.

Official data showed that foreign direct investment (FDI) on the Chinese continent, in real use, arose 28.7 percent year with the year in terms of yuan, or 33.9 percent year with the year in the terms of the US dollar in the first half of 2021. The rhythm of growth was the highest during the same period in almost 10 years in both Yuan's terms and American dollars.

With a huge market, a complete industrial chain and a business environment that constantly improves, China has become an important source of profit growth by

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