In the scenic Sanya of Hainan Province in South China, tourists are frolicking on the beach as captured in a photo by SIPA. However, the province has been experiencing a high temperature warning for the fifth consecutive day since most of its areas have been enveloped by heat waves.

As of Friday, the Hainan Provincial Meteorological Office has forecasted that temperatures will rise above 37 c in 11 cities and counties throughout Hainan Island, including Haikou, the northern provincial capital, and Danzhou, a key city located on the west coast. Despite this, local officials have claimed that schools are operating as usual since all buildings have air conditioning.

To ensure the well-being and Safety of Outdoor Workers at construction sites, work schedules have been adjusted so that laborers can rest during noon time and make use of the cooler night and early morning climate to work. Efforts have also been made to improve working conditions, and heat-resistant materials are sufficiently supplied according to an official from the Haikou Urban Construction Group.

Monitoring data has shown that the average temperature in Hainan from January to June 30 was 24.6 c, which is 0.7 c higher than last year. Although the temperature was comparatively lower in January, it has been higher in the other five months. Meanwhile, the average rainfall in the first half of the year was 441 millimeters, which is 137 mm lower than the same period in 2020.

The Hainan Provincial Climate Center has predicted that the average temperature will remain higher than usual from July to October, with more rain, typhoons, and floods expected. In fact, six to eight tropical cyclones are expected to affect Hainan during this period, with two of them likely to land on the island.

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