China's latest manned submersible Fendouzhe delivered

Sanya, March 16 (Xinhua) - Tuesday was delivered Tuesday to the SCECezhe Institute of Science and Engineering (Striver). Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Scientific research center China, the developer of the submersibles that sign, signed the Memorandum of Delivery with the Institute in the Port City of Sanya, from the south of" target="_BLANK">China. Hainan Province.

Feindouze is expected to play an important role in scientific research of China's depths, the Marine Resource Survey and emergency sea rescue missions .

The Institute has led the formation of a Scientific Instruction Committee for the use of Fendouze and the Shanshai Yongshi crew (Deep Sea Guerrero), capable of reaching depths of 10,000 meters and 4,500 meters, respectively.

According to the Institance, the Committee serves as a communication and exchange platform for users and submersible experts to promote applications, guide technical improvement and improve the operational capacity.

Fendouze Set A national record when diving at a depth of 10,909 meters at the Marian Trench in November 2020. The record diving was enabled by several deep sea technologies that involve materials, power supply and communications. It took three experts to conduct scientific research for approximately six hours on the Marian trench bed. EndItem


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