A view of Sanya Bay in Hainan Province, January 31, 2019. [Photo / Xinhua]

Haikou - HAIKO HAIKO province of China, China, plans to add 25,000 new energy vehicles (NEV) this year In its last effort to build a national pilot area for ecological conservation.

All new buses and government vehicles, including scheduled to be replaced, should use a new energy, except for vehicles for special use, a plan recently published by the provincial government.

More than 80 percent of taxis to be added or replaced this year should also be NEVs, the plan added.

Hainan plans to build 10,000 load stations for electric vehicles this year and continue subsidizing the private purchase of NEVs.

The Province of Scenic Island has been promoting the use of clean energy vehicles, with the aim of completely eliminating vehicle sales based on conventional fuel in 2030.

Hainan It had more than 64,000 NEVs at the end of 2020, representing 4.2 percent of the province of the province of the number of vehicles, classifying room in the country, according to the provincial department of industry and information technology.

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