China Focus: China, Central and Eastern Europe see growing effective cooperation

Beijing, February 8 (Xinhua) - Dai Mingyou has a home furniture manufacturing company at Fuyang, Anhui Province of East China. With the approach of the Spring Festival, Dai's staff is working throughout the day to deliver a lot of export orders, mainly from the Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC).

"Germany used to be the main export destination of our products, but now countries of Central and Eastern Europe, such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, represent half of our exports, "said Dai.

Established in 2013, the DAI company has grown constantly producing and selling exquisite wooden and rattan furniture. Its exports reached 20 million dollars by 2020, with a fifth of their exports that are sold to Poland.

"Our first deal with a Polish client found some twists and turns, but both sides showed sincerity and honesty in troubleshooting," Dai recalled.

After that, DAI and the Polish counterpart from him became friends. The number of the Polish customers of him has grown to 20, and he has developed a Polish branch for him, who will start working as soon as Covid-19 is under control there, he said.

Cooperation between Anhui and CEEC has increased in recent years, with six intervincial friendly relationships established between the two sides, according to the provincial government. This trend has also been seen in other parts of China.

Despite the economic depression induced by Covid-19 In most of the world, the total trade between China and the CEECI were an increase of 8.4 per One hundred in 2020 to hit 103.45 billion US dollars, crossing the 100 billion dollar brand for the first time, according to the data of the China Ministry of Commerce.

Since the establishment of the cooperation mechanism between the two parties in 2012, China's direct investment in 17 ceecis totaled 3.14 billion dollars at the end of 2020, covering Energy, infrastructure, logistics, pieces of automobiles and other sectors.

Meanwhile, the 17 countries invested 1.72 billion dollars in China during the period.

Ministry data also show that China-Europe Freight Train Service saw about 12,400 train trips along 2020, with passages and key destinations that include Poland , Hungary The Czech Republic, Lithuania and Slovakia.

The freight train service has become the life line of the anti-epidemic response and the supply line of the belt and road initiative, such as Just as it built a path of friendship and prosperity between China and Ceec, Lin Songtian, president of the Chinese Popular Association for Friendship with foreign countries, commented at the Fifth Meeting of China-CEEC Local Leaders, held on February 5 in Shenyang , capital of the province of Liaoning northeast of China, through the video link.

Through the service, the yogurt of Bulgaria, the milk of Poland, the Hungarian wine and the Greek olive oil reached several parts of China to enrich Chinese. People dining tables, Lin said.

According to Lin, China and CEEC have established 212 pairs of friendly provincial and municipal relations, which have promoted cooperation in various fields and improved mutual understanding and friendship between Een People .

Encouraging achievements in cooperation speak volumes about the enormous potential of complementarity between the two parties, said Huo Yuzhen, China's special representative of China-CEEC cooperation.

Liu Ning, the governor of the province of Liaoning, said at the meeting that the maritime railway charging routes that link Liaoning and Europe passed through 12 cities in central cinema

Beijing,  Hangzhou, 

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