Beijing, January 26 (Xinhua) - Although Yang Yang likes to travel, the Beijinger has decided to stay at home for the next New Year Lunar, or" target="_BLANK">Spring Festival, which falls On February 12.

Bank employee has preordidated the food to take from one of China's best-known roast chain restaurants for his family banquet in the Eve of the Spring Festival.

"is the family atmosphere that matters for the celebration," said Yang, 34.

Comparison with the last Lunar New Year, when your family trip to the Hainan Tourist Province was shortened by the epidemic, Yang feels more comfortable. "After a year's efforts to contain the propagation of the virus, we have become accustomed to life with the prevention and control measures," she said.

The Chinese are hugging their most important festival this year with a variety of planned celebrations, despite the recent local resurgence of Coronavirus in some areas.

The Chinese continent on Monday reported 82 newly confirmed Covid-19 cases, including 69 locally transmitted and 13 arriving from outside the country, the" target="_BLANK">" target="_BLANK">National Health Commission said, He said on Tuesday.

Growth of the festive atmosphere

In Wuhan, capital of the Hubei Province of Central China, The festival decorations have filled the shelves of the grocery store in the Gemdale Square, the Hongshan district. Promotional activities have begun for gifts, including candies, nuts, dairy products and fruits, drawing customers.

Some sellers said they have been busy since early January as a growing number of customers came to buy in preparation for the festival.

> With mask, ma yu, from the city of Huanggang, packed your shopping cart with oil, rice and flour. She also bought red pareas, a tradition for the festival, to decorate her apartment.

"My husband and I have planned to stay given the epidemic, but the festival the atmosphere should not be missing," said Ma, an employee in a Wuhan company.

While some people like MA have chosen to stay where they are, others go home. Taking several precautionary measures.

Guo Haotian, who works in an IT company in Beijing, has bought a train ticket to the city of Jincheng, Shanxi province.

"It's a pity that I do not return home for the festival last year due to the epidemic," said Guo, 27, and added that he decided to return this year in part. Because a new high-speed railway has been reduced by half its travel time from Beijing to the hometown of it to five hours.

He has acquired a negative result of a nucleic acid test that he has taken within seven days of his trip and will undertake an observation of 14 days.

"Although I can not visit my friends or extended relatives, it's a lovely opportunity to stay with my parents," she said.

To cope with the increased risk of transmission that comes with mass migration, the" target="_BLANK">" target="_BLANK">National Health Commission requires people to have a negative result for Covid -19 taken inside Of the seven days of returning to rural areas, as well as 14-day quarantine at home upon arrival.

The estimated Ministry of Transport that China is expected to see around 1.7 billion passenger travel, more than 10 percent, from 2020, during the festival of Spring 40 days, trips are rushed as of January 28.

Cloud Celebration

To enrich people's holidays, cultural organizations and online platforms They have planned a series of online activities, which offer res IDS "Cloud Festival Celebrate

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