Highlights of China's science news

Beijing, December 26 (Xinhua): The following are the highlights of China's Day Sciences News:

Ocean Expedition

The scientific research boat Tansuo-2 returned to the harbor in the city of Sanya, the Hainan province of China South, after completing its ocean expedition.

The ship wearing the sea of ​​4,500 meters deep was immersed to Shenhai Yongshi (Warrior of the Deep Sea) docked and anchored on Monday night, according to the Institute of Sea science and the science of the sea and engineering of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau water reservations

Qinghai plateau total water reserves Tibet estimates more than 9 billion cubic meters, according to CAS.

Folded "Asia water tower", the plateau and its surroundings The mountains are the birthplace of more than 10 main rivers in Asia.

Luna scan

China Lunar Rover Yutu-2, or Jade Rabbit-2, has traveled to 600.55 meters on the other side of the Moon until Tuesday.

Both the lander and the Rover of the Chang. 'The E-4 probe has finished your work for the lunar day number 25, and changed to latent mode for Lunar Night due to the lack of solar energy, according to the center of exploration lunar and space of the National Space Administration from China.

new rocket

The new China Long Long-8 medium elevator rocket made His flight from Maiden on Tuesday, sending five satellites to the planned orbit, according to the National Space Administration of China.

The rocket was launched from the Wencang Spacecraft launch site on the southern coast of South China. Sland province of Hainan.

Scientific expedition

Chinese scientists started a new scientific expedition in the water. Yangtze River Region of the country, in the northwest province of Qinghai.

A team of 42 members of the expedition and the staff has reached the city of Golmud in Qinghai, according to the Institute of the Sanjiangyuan National Park under the CAS. EndItem

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