Across China: New expo to cement China's link with global market

Haikou, December 25 (Xinhua) - Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido has decided to participate in the first exhibition of China's international consumption products, which will be held in Haikou, capital of the Hainan Province, from May 7 to 10, 2021.

After participating in China International Import Expo in 2019 and 2020 in Shanghai, the Japanese company has become In the first cosmetics firm to sign a contract with the HAIKOU exhibition, according to Event Organizer, Hainan Provincial Economic Development Office.

Kentaro Fujiwara, Chinese Shiseido CEO, said the expo will create a global platform. For international investors to show and market consumer products. "Shiseido is very optimistic about this new opportunity."

China has become the largest foreign market in Shiseido for three consecutive years, according to Fujiwara. "The company has profoundly felt the advantages caused by China's economic development. The success in prevention and control of the epidemic in China has made us safer to develop in the country," he said.

China In early June launched a master plan to build Hainan at a free influential free trade port. As of July 1, Hainan increased its 30,000-yuan tax-free purchase annual share (around $ 4,587) to 100,000 yuan per person.

Now the resort island has become a paradise of the purchase. It is expected that tax-free shops on the coast in Hainan Rastille at 32 billion yuan in sales at the end of this year. The stores have received 10,83 million tourists, and around 3.4 million customers have bought 19,06 million articles, a jump of 130 percent compared to the same period last year.

As an important part of the plan, the International Expo of Consumer Products of China will be held on the island each year.

"Taking advantage of Hainan's tax-free policy, the new Expo will act as a platform for the global brands of consumer products to gain access to the huge consumer market of China and, therefore, will help promote the new development paradigm of the country of "dual circulation", "according to Liu Jiacheng, professor at the School of Economics and Management of the University of Hainan.

The planned exposure area of ​​the Expo is approximately 100,000 square meters, approximately 80 percent of which has been reserved for foreign companies. Articles on the screen cover a rich variety of products, including garments, gems, food and health products, automobiles, as well as electronic and cultural products.

"The Expo Will also organizes various events in place. We will also try Livestreaming and other fashion promotions in the exhibition," said Han Shengjian, director of the office Provincial International Economic Development of Hainan. EndItem


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