South China town aims to become int'l aerospace city

Haikou, November 25 (Xinhua): An international forum focused on promoting the construction of an international aerospace city in the Hainan province of the island of South China, the provincial capital .

Wencang, a small city in Hainan known for its spacecraft launch center, aims to be built on a platform for aerospace exchange and cooperation, according to the International Aviation of Wencang and Aerospace Forum celebrated Tuesday and Wednesday.

Despite the Epidemia Covid-19, China has carried out 31 launches of space successfully this year, including three with special importance in Wencang, Wu Yanhua, Deputy Director of the National Space Administration of China, said in the forum.

In the last release, one long and 5 March, bringing the Chang'e-5 the ruined spacecraft from the site before Tuesday to collect and return samples Of the MOO N, the first attempt of the country to recover samples from an extraterrestrial body.

China will continue to support the aerospace industry and the space economy, encourage more companies to invest in Hainan, build an industrial cluster represented by the research of high-end aerospace products , the development and manufacture and compilation of Wencang on an international exchange platform, Wu said.

Representatives of Embassies of countries such as Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and Italy, as well as those of international organizations in China, attended the forum.

The Wencang Center is the fourth space launch in China, following another three in Jiuquan, Xichang and Taiyuan, and the only launch center near the sea. It is used to send satellites, large space stations and deep space probes.

In June 2016, the center maintained its first release, marking a new generation launch site designed. and built by China. EndItem

Xichang,  Hangzhou, 

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