Flights set for Hainan tourists
A medical worker instructs a monk about the use of disinfectants in the Drepung monastery in Lhasa, Autonomous Region of Tibet, Sunday. Lin Lin/China News Service

hidden infections are expected to be in the Tibet as the tests increased

The main flights of the main airports in Hainan are returning to normal as The island of the epidemic and the destination cities take effective measures to help tourists stranded to return home as soon as possible, according to local authorities.

Until Sunday, more than 140 flights had been organized in the previous six days, taking 27,211 tourists to Haikou, the provincial capital, and Sanya, a tourist city at the southern end of the island And epicenter of the outbreak that was first reported on August 1, local officials said at a press conference in Haikou on Monday.

around 40 flights to take off from the Sanya Phoenix International Airport on Monday were planned, while another 90 flights are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The outbreak has stranded about 150,000 tourists on the island, but Hainan has closely coordinated with destination provinces, regions and municipal IE to guarantee the rapid, safe and orderly return of the stuck, the authorities said the authorities . or low risk areas, which have requested to leave by train or ferry.

The number of cases in the community is gradually decreasing, and the situation in Hainan remains at a high but controllable level, Du Jianwei, an official of the Provincial Health Commission, said the news records.

Sanya is in a high -level fluctuation period, and mainly new infections have been found between people with closed circuit control, said Du. / P>

He added that they will even strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic in Danzhou, Lingshui, Dongfang, Lingoo, Wanning and Ledong, regions where the epidemic is still being developed and the risk of transmission in the remains in the remains of the communities.

Until now, 37 patients have recovered and have been discharged from hospitals. Currently, there are 7,913 hospitalized patients, including three in critical condition, five in severe condition, 83 in less serious condition, 2,268 with minor symptoms, 2,678 asymptomatic carriers and 2,876 un classified patients, Du said.

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