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missile destroyers, assaulting the shipment last additions to the growing fleet of the marine pla

The Navy of the Popular Liberation Army has recently commissioned at least two class destroyers of class missile Type 055 and a type 075 -a hint of the amphibious assault class.

in videos published by the Navy on Saturday, the fourth and fifth type 055 Destroyers-cns Anshan and Cns Wuxi- and the second type 075 vessel-cns guangxi- were made known with introductions that They have already participated in combat exercises.

The videos were released to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the Foundation of the Navy on April 23, 1949, in the municipality of Baimamiao of the province of Jiangsu. In 1989, April 23 was designated as the day of the Foundation of the Navy.

developed and built by China State Shipbuilding Corp, type 055 is the latest generation of the guided missile destroyer country. It has a displacement of more than 12,000 metric tons and is equipped with new types of air defense, missile defense, anti-non-seizure and anti-submarine weapons.

The container has a total of 112 vertical launch cells capable of firing various types of missiles, including the cruise missile of long -range land attacks in the country. It is believed that its fire power is twice that of the type 052D, the largest and most powerful surface combatant in the navy before type 055.

The type 055 is often considered its own own Cruise class outside China due to its large size and heavy displacement. Western analysts claim that it measures around 180 meters long and 21 m wide, based on satellite images.

li jie, a senior researcher at the PLA Marina, said the ship displaces about 13,000 tons of water. Comparable to El of the United States Ticondero Crucero.

The first in this class-cns Nanchang- was delivered to the Navy in January 2020. The second and third -cns Lhasa and Cns Dalian- were finally commissioned.

The observers said that four of the five of the five types 055 are operated by the North Sea fleet, a fact that indicates that the Qingdao -based fleet has become the new center of the Marine modernization management. The addition of the four type 055s has greatly improved the integral combat capacity of the fleet and its operational range, they said. According to the Navy.

In a clip, you can see the aerodeslizers and amphibious vehicles in a marine area not revealed.

The first in the Hainan Class was in charge of April 23, 2021.

Type 075 is the first class of the country's amphibious assault ship. The Chinese media have reported that each type 075 is about 250 m long, around 30 m wide and moves almost 40,000 tons. Such ships have the task of transporting helicopters and amphibious vehicles to perform amphibious operations.


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