Boao, Hainan, April 24 (Xinhua) -Optimist About the long-term prospects of the Chinese market, the British Biopharmaceutical giant Astrazeneca is committed to him, although pandemic Covid persists. 19 and fragile global economic recovery weigh in business.

"As a leading biopharmaceutical company in the world, we give importance to cooperation and innovation," said Leon Wang, Executive Vice President, International and China President of the Company, And he added that China has launched a large number of opening policies and encouraged abundant emerging growth drivers.

"In the future, AstraZeneca will even take advantage of the Chinese market and optimize the design of its R & D global network in China," Wang told Xinhua in a Exclusive interview during the Boao Forum Newly concluded for the Asian Annual Conference 2022.

When entering the Chinese market in 1993, the company has established an I + Center D, a logistics center and several production bases in China, with investment in the country for a total of more than a billion US dollars.

EN 2021, the sales volume of AstraZeneca in China obtained 6.01 billion US dollars, said Wang, and pointed out that China has become the second more market Large company in the world.

China's continuous efforts to open, such as the Foreign Investment Act in force at the beginning of 2020 and the promises to improve services for foreign investors have reinforced the Astrazeneca's confidence to increase contributions to the country, he said.

"In recent years, China has achieved significant progress in the development of the digital economy, which is also one of the areas in which we look for sweet points", said Wang.

"Digital technologies such as 5G, Big Data and artificial intelligence can obviously improve the quality of the health care service," Wang presented that the Company is exploring the construction of Internet hospitals in China.

In the Forum, AstraZeneca signed a series of investment and cooperation projects with several local Chinese local governments, demonstrating its determination to "build an ecosystem of medical care innovation Open and collaborative ".

Facing winds against the return of Covid-19 pandemic, Wang believes that the flange The gap of the vaccine is vital, saying that China has always been your partner Reliable to provide vaccines at as many countries as possible.

China's experience in coordination of pandemic control and economic development also inspires, he said, adding that the country is among the few important economies that They can maintain positive growth, acting as a stabilizer for global economic recovery.

"cooperation and innovation are now more necessary than ever to challenge and challenges posed by the pandemic to the world economy," Wang said echoing the voices of China defending coordinated global actions in the forum.

"We must work together to create a healthier and sustainable future for people around the world," she said. Enditem

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