Haikou, April 14 (Xinhua): In the 1980s, Yangpu was the 25,000 fishermen and farmers coupled in prolonged drought and grinding poverty.

Located in the northwest part of the Northwestern province of Hainan, in South China, the 30 Mexides region, has a harsh natural environment, with a climate Arid, little rain and poor soil.

For Resident PU Jiexun, the difficulties of life were beyond the description.

"In the past, Yangpu was very poor. There was nothing but rocks and cactuses," said PU, 69. "Only small dirt tracks connected, and They were too sailed and difficult to walk. "

But little I knew that this knew that all this was ready to change.

China approved the establishment of Yangpu's economic development zone in 1992 to power the development of the island. As a national development zone, Yangpu attracted foreign investment and enjoyed preferential policies for adhered areas.

Three decades in development have skyrocketed in the area and now Yangpu administers a planned area of ​​114.7 square kilometers, with a population of approximately 100,000.

The development of Yangpu has collected the speed in recent years, especially as the Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP) Construction Gains Steam.

"In the last two years, there have been enormous changes in the economic development zone," said Zou Guang, mayor of the city of Danzhou, where Yangpu is find. "I think the area will have a bright future." "

As an opening pilot area, Yangpu is taking the initiative to implement the preferential Policies of FTP, such as reduction and tariff exemption.

Ausca International Oils and Grains Co., Ltd., for example, operates the first Hainan grain and oil processing project with an annual production of 1 million tons.

"The favorable policies in the Hainan FTP and Yangpu have given us incredible business opportunities," said Zhang Hui, general manager of the company, located within the Yangpu Puerto United Under the Development Zone Economic of Yangpu. "I think I made the right decision to come to Yangpu."

At the end of March, the port of Yangpu Bonded had attracted 2,820 registered companies, Included 1,986 registered companies. EN 2021. "As L Upon construction of Hainan FTP was underway, companies flooded and several projects started, "said local official Wang Jianqin. "The situation in the attached area reflected changes in the development zone."

Last year, the GDP of the Development Zone stood at 43.7 billion yuan (6.86 billion dollars), compared to 63 million yuan In 1992.

"I think Yangpu will have a promising future, and the people here will live better lives," said Pu Jiexun. Enditem

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