The new generation of China Carry Rocket Long Long Long March-8 Y2 arrives at the WENCHANG SPACE launch center in Hainan Province, January 21, 2022. [Photo /]

A second Long March 8 Carrier Rocket arrived at the Wencang Space launch center in the Hainan province on Friday morning, according to China's launch vehicle academy.

was carried out in pieces to Tianjin's boat center, a coastal municipality of the North and the home of the launch vehicle manufacturing complex, on a trip that took approximately one week to complete, said the Academy based in Beijing, which is part of the state conglomerate, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp.

The rocket will be reassembled in the center and undergoing final tests before shooting at the end of February or early March.

The length of March 8, the youngest member of the long rocket family of March of China, made its inaugural flight in December 2020 in Wencang.

The 50.3-meter rocket has two central stages and two lateral boo tracks with a lifting weight of 356 metric tons, is able to raise the useful loads up to 4.5 tons in a solar synchronous orbit 700 kilometers on the surface of the Earth, or satellites weighing up to 2.8 tonnes to the geostationary transfer orbit.

The length March 8 is capable of transporting spacecraft to different orbits ranging from low land trajectories to other celestial bodies, but their main task will place satellites in the Solar Synchronous Orbit to address the demand for Launch of commercial satellite companies at home and abroad, according to their designers.

In addition to Wencang, the long March 8 can also start from the Jiuquan satellite launch center in the Gobi Northwestern desert.

Research and development in the rocket began in 2017 and took about three years to be completed. The first long March 8 was built last October.

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