Beijing May 29 (Xinhua) - Forecast of the marine environment of the main islands of the Chinese complex (May 29 to 30, temperature in degrees Celsius):

surface of the sea

temperature time Wave (m)

Shengsi islands RainStorm 20.9 2.0

(Zhejiang) / drizzle / fog

Meizhou Island drizzle / cloudy / foggy 25.6 1.0


Weizhou Island storm 29,9 0.9

(Guangxi) / cloudy / overcast

Liugong Island cloudy / mist 15.4 0.7


Chongming island Light rain 21.7 1.0 < / p>

(Shanghai / Jiangsu) / drizzle

Mount Putuo heavy rains 22,1 1,3

(Zhejiang) / Light rain

drizzle Pingtan Island / 23.2 1.2

( Fujian) / cloudy

Wuzhizhou Island severe convection 28.8 1.0

(Hainan) / partly cloudy

Source: National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center, China. End

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